A History Untold

A short story of the most passionate azaan
to reclaim Pakistan in its darkest hour

Let me share with you a story which has never been told before! The most passionate and emotional mission to reclaim and defend Pakistan since Pakistan movement by our forefathersin 1940’s. The year was 2005. President Musharraf was in full power. It was when CIA decided that Pakistan would be destroyed like Yugoslavia by 2015!! Yes, by 2015!!! CIA had all the reasons to believe that Pakistan cannot survive.

Knowingly or unknowingly, Musharraf had basically handed over Pakistan to CIA and RAW. TTP Khawarij were fiercely attacking Pakistan. Baluchistan insurgency was raging. MQM had become the most powerful urban
Mafia in Karachi. Pakistan army was disoriented, confused and the nation was divided. For the first time, Pak army and the nation were not standing together. Religious parties like JUI and JI were ruling NWFP and
were fully supporting TTP to dig into Swat and tribal areas to start a violent rebellion within the urban centers. Geo group and SAFMA were waging a most brutal and poisonous information war to attack the
army/ISI and completely destroy the Two Nation Fact and Islamic ideology of Pakistan. Shaukat Aziz, the economic hit man was the Prime Minister, selling Pakistan to the dogs. Tariq Aziz, a Qadiani was the Principal
Secretary of Musharraf, passing every secret to theCIAand MI6.

CIA had already made a plan that by 2007, they will remove Musharraf, bring in Zardari, Benazir, Rehman Malik, Hussian Haqqani and Iftikhar Chaudrey and then, with the help of Geo, TTP, BLA and MQM — the last phase of the 4th and 5th Generation war would be launched to dismember Pakistan by 2015 !!

To be honest, CIA and RAW were dead right in their assessment in 2005. In 2007-8, Musharraf wasremoved through a CIA/RAW funded lawyers movement. Benazir was assassinated and the power was fully transferred to Zardari, Rehman Malik, Hussain Haqqani gang. TTP launched their most violent rebellion in Swat and MQM in Karachi. BLA was already attacking gas lines and power structures and Pakistani State symbols in the province. The COAS at that time was Kayani — another disaster for Pakistan. The biggest betrayal was in the
Supreme Court where Iftikhar Chaudrey was given the task of demolition of the State through judicial means and through the weapon of “suomoto”!

We at BrassTacks knew exactly what was happening way back in 2002. For the next 5 years, we worked very closely with Musharraf, trying to make him understand of the threats and the plans of the CIA/RAW
nexus. BUT he did not understand…. In 2004, I met him personally for 4 marathon hours in army house Pindi. Explained to him each and……

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